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What to know about prescription drug fraud

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Blog, Criminal Defense |

More than 60% of American adults take prescription drugs and more than 20,000 of these drugs were on the market as of 2020. Unfortunately, nearly 17,000 people died of prescription drug overdoses in 2021.

Many may feel surprised to learn that prescription drug fraud is widespread and consistent, with the most common drug abuse occurring with pain medications This is information about prescription drug misuse and fraud.

What is individual prescription drug fraud?

Prescription drug fraud occurs when individuals misuse or distribute prescribed drugs that fall outside the prescriber’s intention. In addition, those who either legally or illegally obtain these medications for resale have committed fraud. Illegal internet pharmacies or stealing them from others, pharmacies, doctors, etc. is fraud.

Individuals cannot shop for doctors, to find one to write them a prescription or go to multiple doctors to get multiple prescriptions. In some cases, people steal doctors’ prescription pads or forge or change their prescriptions.

What is prescription drug fraud by medical professionals?

Doctors can get into trouble for illicit prescribing as well. Some doctors have also prescribed pills to individuals who sold these drugs but used Medicaid to pay for them. Pharmacists have access to a wide variety of drugs and can mix compounds, and some have minimal education for these positions.

What are fraud prevention methods?

First, clinicians should keep accurate records of the prescriptions they write. They should become more aware of layering these drugs and beware of the patients who request this. Clinicians also need to keep their prescription pads secured. They should also write carefully and clearly on these pads so patients cannot change them easily. Electronic prescriptions also improve security.

Those involved in prescription drug fraud face federal and state charges, so they should understand the conditions that lead to fraudulent actions.