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What to expect when you go to trail: Attorney tricks

When an attorney goes to trial with a client, there are many things he or she should do. Taking these steps and performing these actions helps the attorney help his or her client as much as possible. For example, having the pocket-sized Rules of Evidence on hand can help an attorney come up with an objection's rule number when it may otherwise be forgotten.

Brandishing a weapon: A danger to yourself and others

You went into town with a fake rifle expecting to make a video with some friends. You waved it around and were acting out a scene when you noticed some people leaving the area quickly. Moments later, you saw an officer pulling up to the scene and you were asked to put down your weapon.

You have a right to Fourth Amendment protections

The Fourth Amendment of the United States protects people from unreasonable searches by the government. This protects you in your home, on your property, in your vehicle and in your business. It protects you when you're walking alone, and it protects you during arrests and police stops.


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