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Should violent offenders get the chance for parole?

When you think of a violent offender, you probably don't want to see him or her back in your neighborhood. The problem with that is that painting all offenders with one brush makes it hard for them to change (or want to change). The prison system already makes it difficult for prisoners to reenter society, and the conditions of some prisons makes people less likely to improve during their sentences.

Virginia's heroin laws are strict and deliberate: Defend yourself

It has always been clear that heroin is illegal in the United States. While not all opiates are illegal, most require a prescription at minimum, and some are not ever allowed to be used. Getting caught with opiates without a prescription or getting caught with an illicit drug quickly leads to serious allegations and charges.

Marijuana: Still illegal in Virginia

Marijuana is becoming legal all around the country, but that doesn't mean it is legal where you are. While some people may have access due to medical conditions, others have no legal right to obtain, grow or possess the drug.


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