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Woman's appeal against child neglect conviction in DUI case fails

Driving while intoxicated is a bad idea. No one questions that they shouldn't do it. However, what's worse is driving while you're intoxicated with your children in the vehicle. Even if you don't get into a crash, you could face charges beyond a typical DUI. You could face serious allegations of neglect.

What are some kinds of drug crimes?

There are several kinds of drug crimes, and each has the potential to threaten your freedoms in different ways. For example, there are drug crime laws related to possession, those related to distribution and drug crime laws to address paraphernalia. Knowing these types of crimes will help you make sure you don't violate the law and end up facing charges.

Prescription fraud: Faking a doctor's signature

Prescription fraud is a serious crime in the United States. If you think about it, physicians spend years in school to earn the right to prescribe medications to their patients. When someone signs a doctor's name fraudulently, it is not only an act that could hurt the individual or someone else but also a direct insult to the hard work a physician put into his or her career.

Boating under the influence: Not a risk to take

It is extremely dangerous to get behind the wheel of any vehicle while you're intoxicated, boats included. Since the spring is here and summer is just around the corner, you may be considering heading out onto the water soon. If so, remember that a BWI could be damaging to you in the same way as a DUI.

Drug treatment courts may help you get your life and health back

Presently, it's estimated that around half of the people who end up in Federal or State prison suffer from drug addiction. Many of these people do not receive the addiction counseling or treatment they need, which means that they're more likely to continue abusing drugs following release and are more likely to reoffend.


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