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November 2017 Archives

Affirmative defenses can work for assault and battery cases

Assault and battery are both crimes that could get you into deep trouble with the law. Fortunately, there are good defenses if you are accused of them. It's possible to win a case with an affirmative defense, which is what you can learn about in this post today.

DUIs are costly in more ways than one

Getting a ticket for driving under the influence (DUI) costs you more than your dignity or a night in jail while you sober up. The fines and social penalties associated with a DUI may be severe. A person's first DUI can cost $2,000 or more, which is a hefty price tag for a single mistake.

What constitutes assault?

When a conflict between two or more people gets heated, it is often difficult to know when the situation moves from tense or frustrating to legally actionable. In many cases, some people believe that as long as they do not physically harm someone, there are no grounds to press charges. This, however, is not always true.

Facing charges of marijuana? You have a right to a defense

The possession of marijuana is unlawful in Virginia unless it is obtained with a valid prescription. As someone with an injury but no medical marijuana card, it's important that you go through the proper channels to obtain the drug. If you don't, you could face drug charges even though you're using the drug in the same way as other patients.

Virginia: Biking while intoxicated could become illegal

Drunk driving is a serious offense, but is it as serious if you're not behind the wheel of an automobile? In Virginia, the State Senator George Barker thinks so, which is why he's backing SB1223, a bill that could make it a crime to get behind the wheel of any electric personal assistive mobility device and to drive on the highway while intoxicated.


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