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Buena Vista students witness drama of drunk driving crash

Imagine the impact it would have on your child if he or she witnessed the reality of a drunk driving crash. It could help enforce the idea of the dangers of drinking and driving while really driving the point home with visual context. In Buena Vista, a crash drama is helping students understand the reality of a life-changing collision caused by drunk driving.

Deliberate indifference and law enforcement

There are many stories in the news detailing misconduct by police where officers of the law overstep the bounds of their authority. Some stand accused of using excessive force to apprehend and subdue suspects. In many cases, these suspects are people of color -- although, not always. A spate of video and audio recordings depicting some of these alleged overreaches of authority have captured the public interest in recent years. This has resulted in increased scrutiny of police tactics and a focus on the individuals who often end up on the receiving end of such abuses of power.

Report shows low-risk offenders heading into prison system

News out of Virginia reports that thousands of people who are "low risk" offenders aren't being diverted from prison sentences. That could be costing taxpayers thousands. According to the news, there are thousands of people who have been convicted of property and drug crimes and are considered low-risk. These individuals are being sent to prison while others, many of whom are higher risks to the community, are avoiding prison.

Know your charges: DUI and DUI per se

There are two kinds of DUIs you could get in Virginia. One is a DUI per se. The other is a DUI. DUI per se means that you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over .08 percent. A DUI means you are determined to be intoxicated by drugs or a BAC under .08 percent but do not meet the per se qualifications.


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