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Yes, a BB gun can result in gun crime charges in Virginia

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Gun Charges |

One type of gun that many people consider a toy is a BB gun. A BB gun is designed for people to shoot targets or small game. BB guns are not usually treated as guns when it comes to requiring a license, but, interestingly, those who use them negligently or maliciously could face gun crime charges.

Take, for example, a case out of Prince William County, Virginia. Reported on July 12, the situation involved two Virginian men who allegedly did a drive-by shooting with BB guns. While this might not seem serious, several people got hurt in the incident.

The two men involved, 19 and 22, were arrested in Woodbridge, VA. Residents of the area reported the incident, and the police arrested the men after following their tips. They found the men with a BB gun.

What happened to the residents?

As a result of blindly shooting the gun at several people, the men injured three men who were working locally near the intersection of Danville Road and Darbydale Avenue. One of the men needed to go to the hospital for treatment. It’s not clear which shooting required hospitalization or why.

The men struck again several hours later at around 3:10 p.m., allegedly shooting someone at the intersection of Sudley Road and Sudley Manor Road in Manassas.

What happened to the men accused in the BB gun shootings?

For now, they’ve been arrested without bond. They face several charges including two for malicious wounding, one for the destruction of property and another for attempted malicious wounding.

In cases like this, it is possible to face charges for using a weapon in a violent altercation. Regardless of the tool you use, if you attempt to harm others, there is the possibility that you could be arrested and charged without the right to bond.