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What are some kinds of drug crimes?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Drug Crimes |

There are several kinds of drug crimes, and each has the potential to threaten your freedoms in different ways. For example, there are drug crime laws related to possession, those related to distribution and drug crime laws to address paraphernalia. Knowing these types of crimes will help you make sure you don’t violate the law and end up facing charges.

Remember that you could face both federal and state charges depending on your actions, so you should mount a defense as soon as you can.


Drug possession is one of the most common crimes. Depending on the amount of a drug you possess, you may face fines or end up facing a prison sentence.


Paraphernalia is anything used to inject, inhale, conceal or prepare illegal drugs. Unfortunately, some of these items are also used in everyday life. For some people, having items that appear as paraphernalia can lead to unwarranted charges.


Drug distribution is another crime category. Also known as dealing, you’ll be held accountable for spreading the use of illegal drugs within an area. The more you’re caught selling, the worse the potential penalties.

As with any kind of charges, it’s a good idea to devise a defense as soon as possible. If you’re accused of possession, it’s only a small leap to accuse you of other crimes, like planning to sell or distribute drugs. It’s your right to protect yourself against unfair allegations and charges. If you don’t, you could end up with fines or penalties that you shouldn’t have to face due to unfair charges.

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