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What to expect when you go to trial: Attorney tricks

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

When an attorney goes to trial with a client, there are many things he or she should do. Taking these steps and performing these actions helps the attorney help his or her client as much as possible. For example, having the pocket-sized Rules of Evidence on hand can help an attorney come up with an objection’s rule number when it may otherwise be forgotten.

There are many things attorneys do to help you in court that you might not think about. For instance, did you know it’s better if your attorney has a right to voir dire, which is the right to speak directly to the jury? This helps your attorney better understand the jury and the angle he or she has to take if he or she wants to convince them of your argument.

Another thing your attorney will talk to you about is an opening statement. Your attorney has to present your case to the jury. He or she may choose to do so methodically or through storytelling. As the client, you have a right to know what your attorney plans to say and how the case will be presented.

Finally, don’t be scared if your attorney doesn’t object to everything that is wrong. Sometimes, there are facts or errors that won’t impact your case, so it’s not worth objecting. Objecting too much can be harmful to your case, so be aware of that before you get too worried.

Your attorney has experience to help you get through this difficult time in your life. With help, you can fight the charges you face.

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