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Cybercrimes are a serious risk over the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

During the holidays, there are many kinds of crimes people have to watch out for. One in particular is the risk of cybercrime. With so many more people shopping online, it’s vital for everyone to be aware of what they’re doing to prevent cybercrimes.

It’s possible for people to accidentally commit cybercrimes. For example, if you log into a public computer and place an order, you could accidentally use someone’s saved information. Likewise, someone could use your accidentally saved information on purpose, committing identity theft.

Cyberattacks are more sophisticated today than in the past. Many use viruses or bots to commit the crimes. Automated bots have the ability to take credit card numbers and personal information without you ever realizing it. Others steal passwords, so those who want to break into your account can do so at their leisure.

Average users keep only six passwords. Imagine how easy it would be for someone to hack into all your accounts if you used the same password for each. It would be devastating to you and your life, but that’s a real problem many people run into, especially during the holidays. People rush to order, and they don’t necessarily keep in mind their safety and security on the internet.

Some cybercrimes now steal balances from gift cards. This is harder to track, and retailers lose money because of it. Individuals try thousands of gift card numbers until they’re cracked, and if there is a balance, they use it to make a purchase.

If you’re accused of committing a crime over the holidays, remember that you retain the right to fight those accusations. No one should be made to feel guilty before a fair trial.

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