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A simple drug crime can become a major problem

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Drug Crimes |

When you decided to use drugs, it was a personal decision. Over time, you used here and there, but it was never the type of addiction that you’d hear about.

You were traveling to a friend’s home when you were stopped by police, and you didn’t notice that a baggie of your preferred substance was noticeable on the floor in front of the back seat.

When the officer stopped you, the initial problem was just that you had a light out. Now, they’ve noticed the bag in the back and are within their rights to take it from you. You’ve been caught with drugs and face an arrest and charges.

Simple drug crimes can become major problems

Seemingly straightforward drug crimes can become major problems for people who get caught with drugs. You could be accused of transporting drugs, using or even selling them, despite the fact that you were only caught with a small amount in your vehicle.

Fortunately, there are some good defenses for people in your situation, and you can work with your attorney to reduce charges and penalties, so that you’re not facing unfair treatment by the authorities or prosecution.

How might charges get out of control?

In this case, you would think that having a small bag of drugs in the back would lead to a possession charge. However, because you’re driving, the authorities may tack on a charge for transporting drugs. If you crossed state lines, you could face even more significant charges for having drugs in your possession.

Additionally, if you’re close to a school or area where children may be playing, you could have even more charges filed as a result of your proximity to kids, even if you weren’t intending to be near them or to stop and try to sell drugs.

Overall, it’s easy for the prosecution to build up a case that is much more significant than what really happened. It your defense attorney’s job to make sure that you don’t face baseless accusations and that you are treated fairly. If you were in possession of drugs that belonged to someone else or had a small amount, then your attorney will be able to help you build a defense against allegations like those that accuse you of wanting to sell or transport drugs.

In the end, working with your attorney will help you protect your rights and reputation.