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You can fight drug charges like DUIDs

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2017 | Drug Crimes |

Drug charges impact your life significantly, and if you’re caught driving while drugs are in your bloodstream and affecting your abilities, they may not be the only charges you face. If you drive while under the influence of drugs, you could face a DUI along with other drug charges for possession or transporting drugs.

Even if you have no drugs in your possession, remember that driving while influenced by drugs of any kind is not legal. For instance, if you take a cough syrup that makes it hard for you to stay awake, it would be illegal for you to be behind the wheel. You could end up with a DUI.

Likewise, driving while under the influence of muscle relaxers, medical marijuana or illicit drugs is all illegal. Mixing drugs and alcohol is particularly dangerous and could lead to serious crashes, injuries and deaths.

It is harder to measure how impaired someone is when he or she has taken drugs instead of drinking alcohol. While there are standards in place to recognize alcohol intoxication, drugs affect all people differently. A blood test may reveal that someone has THC in his or her blood or urine from smoking marijuana, for example, but that level doesn’t necessarily indicate intoxication.

If you’re stopped and accused of being influenced by drug use, remember that you have the right to defend yourself. Prescribed medications don’t affect everyone the same, and you deserve a chance to show that you weren’t intoxicated when you were stopped. If you now face illicit drug charges, you need to create a strong defense quickly. Our site has more information.