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4 arrested in drug bust in Caroline County

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Drug Crimes |

When new drugs hit the market, it’s not unusual for the police to go undercover to try to locate where it’s coming from. Their operations could take months, and during that time, the focus on finding out the names of people who are involved in the drug trade.

Sometimes, that means that innocent people get caught in the crosshairs. People who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time could be accused of serious drug-related allegations.

In a recent case, four people were arrested when a raid in Caroline County resulted in finding an opioid-based drug called “gray death.” According to an Oct. 12 news article, the undercover drug raid that took place in the county found $10,000 worth of the drug, known for being particularly potent with a high risk of overdosing.

The Sheriff’s Office said that the drug is stronger than heroin and has led to several thousand overdoses since its discovery. Even in small doses, it has the potential to cause overdose-related deaths. The light gray-colored powder has an appearance similar to concrete and is absorbed though the skin among other methods. That means it also puts emergency personnel at risk of overdosing when they don’t realize they’re touching the drug.

After a four-month undercover operation, the police arrested the four individuals for their possession of this drug. They included two women, 33 and 34, and two men, 36 and 38. They now face charges for intending to distribute the dangerous narcotics. One pair faces charges for child neglect.

In cases like this, those accused of crimes need experienced representation. Strong defenses can make a difference in the penalties faced.

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