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Comprehensive Representation In Domestic Violence Cases

Allegations of domestic violence can be devastating. A criminal conviction can result in difficulty seeing your family, in addition to all of the associated criminal penalties. Having an order of protection issued against you can influence a judge’s determination in awarding child custody and visitation.

Too often, being unaware of their rights, overcome by emotion or outraged at the allegations results in further harm to those accused of domestic abuse. Do not let this happen to you. Call Moheb Legal Defense, PLLC, at 540-627-5182. We offer free consultations from our office in Roanoke, Virginia.

Your Family Is Too Important Not To Have Outstanding Legal Representation

We stand up for the rights of our clients. If you have been charged with domestic assault or had a restraining order issued against you, we will clearly explain your rights and options and ensure you have your rights upheld through all criminal and civil proceedings.

Domestic violence lawyer Sheila Moheb is uniquely suited to handling all issues surrounding allegations of domestic assault or abuse. She is an experienced family law and criminal defense attorney who regularly defends clients in both criminal and civil proceedings. She knows how to best represent your interests to minimize or erase penalties associated with criminal charges, and help you maintain your relationship with your family.

Criminal Defense Tailored To Your Needs

Mrs. Moheb will work with you from the outset of your case to determine exactly what occurred. Importantly, she is honest and upfront about your legal options. She can clearly explain to you what charges you are facing and how best to combat them. Our office will always provide legal advice and support based on your best interests.

Domestic Relations Matters In Civil Court

Domestic violence may also play a role in your family law case. Whether you wish to contest a protective order or need to protect your relationship with your children, Mrs. Moheb’s thorough, calm and solutions-oriented representation can help you get a measure of control back over the situation.

To begin protecting your rights in criminal and civil proceedings relating to domestic abuse, call us today or reach us online here. We will respond promptly.