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Focused Representation For Criminal Appeals

When a trial ends with a negative verdict, it is not necessarily the end of the line. Everyone who has been convicted on criminal charges has the right to appeal the decision to a higher court. If your lawyer can show that the original trial was improperly conducted, the appeals court may call for a retrial or even overturn your conviction.

At Moheb Legal Defense, PLLC, we are prepared to take your case from the general district court up to the Supreme Court of Virginia. No matter where your criminal law case takes us, Moheb Legal Defense, PLLC, will stand by your side, providing personalized service and skilled legal defense.

Strong Representation In Direct Appeals

Firm founder Sheila Moheb has a strong history in the area of criminal appeals. Early in her legal career, attorney Moheb was employed as a clerk for Justice Cleo E. Powell of the Virginia Court of Appeals, now a member of the Supreme Court of Virginia. The experience gained while working within the appellate court system gave Mrs. Moheb a great number of important insights into the appeals process, insights she uses today to benefit her clients.

In particular, Mrs. Moheb applies a great deal of effort and attention to detail to each appeal case. Appeals can be complex and time-consuming; it is important that you work with an attorney who will stay on top of the important issues. Attorney Moheb works through every issue carefully, leaving no possible avenue for defense unexplored.

Working In Your Best Interests

In appeals cases, it is important that your attorney mentions every possible problem that occurred during the original trial. If your lawyer fails to address these issues in the appeal, you will not be able to address them again at a later date.

For example, if there were five serious issues with your original case, but your attorney only addresses two of them on appeal, those other three opportunities are lost forever, even if you take the case to a higher court.

Roanoke appellate attorney Sheila Moheb takes a well-organized and thorough approach to all criminal appeals, addressing all relevant issues and carefully placing her clients in the best possible legal position. When you work with our law firm, you can be confident that your attorney is doing everything possible to protect your rights and interests.

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