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Protecting Your Rights Against Sex Crime Charges

The consequences of a conviction for a sex crime can last a lifetime. Once labeled as a sex offender, it can be extremely difficult to find work, housing or even volunteer. That is in addition to potential lengthy sentences in prison.

If you are facing sex crime charges, including sexual assault (a rape charge), possession of child pornography, or other sex crime, you need to begin your defense immediately.

At Moheb Legal Defense, PLLC, we provide an outstanding criminal defense for those accused of sex crimes. Attorney Sheila Moheb is an experienced defense lawyer who has taken numerous criminal defense cases to trial. She will thoroughly analyze the circumstances of your case and ensure your rights are protected during the difficult times ahead.

A Strong Voice In Overcoming Bias Against Defendants

Sheila Moheb, can help overcome the bias people have against those accused of a sex crime. It is tempting for the public to assume guilt when a sex crime is alleged because of the emotional nature of such charges. Mrs. Moheb has obtained successful outcomes for her clients because of her diligent, strategic representation, and because she is not the typical criminal defense lawyer people have in mind when they first think of a sex crime case. It is one benefit to having a female defense attorney on your side.

Our legal strategy is always to thoroughly examine and question all evidence against you. The state must prove its case when our firm represents you beyond a reasonable doubt. We will not encourage you to accept a plea bargain that is not in your best interests – we are fully capable and ready to go to trial.

Some of our firm’s successful jury trials for Sex Offenses include:

Commonwealth v. Zachary Kennedy, Henry County Circuit Court

– Charged with Forcible Sodomy, Rape, Aggravated Sexual Battery and Object Sexual Penetration of a Child Less than 13 years of Age
– Verdict: NOT GUILTY

Commonwealth v. John Burch, Roanoke County Circuit Court

– Charged with Forcible Sodomy, Rape, Inanimate Object Sexual Penetration and Statutory Burglary
– Verdict: NOT GUILTY

Commonwealth v. Rayan Young, Roanoke City Circuit Court

– Rape, Attempted Rape, Object Sexual Penetration, Indecent Liberties, Incest, Forcible Sodomy and Aggravated Sexual Battey
– Verdict: NOT GUILTY

Our firm has also successfully argued for sentences as low as six weeks or time served in cases involving felonious sexual conduct with a minor.

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