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Boating under the influence: Not a risk to take

It is extremely dangerous to get behind the wheel of any vehicle while you're intoxicated, boats included. Since the spring is here and summer is just around the corner, you may be considering heading out onto the water soon. If so, remember that a BWI could be damaging to you in the same way as a DUI.

Buena Vista students witness drama of drunk driving crash

Imagine the impact it would have on your child if he or she witnessed the reality of a drunk driving crash. It could help enforce the idea of the dangers of drinking and driving while really driving the point home with visual context. In Buena Vista, a crash drama is helping students understand the reality of a life-changing collision caused by drunk driving.

Know your charges: DUI and DUI per se

There are two kinds of DUIs you could get in Virginia. One is a DUI per se. The other is a DUI. DUI per se means that you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over .08 percent. A DUI means you are determined to be intoxicated by drugs or a BAC under .08 percent but do not meet the per se qualifications.

Can sober people fail a field sobriety test series?

You may not believe it, but the fact is that many sober individuals are falsely accused of being intoxicated because they fail field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are just one indication of a person's abilities, and they shouldn't be the only factor involved in an arrest.

Know your Miranda rights to protect yourself

If you've been arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it's important that you understand how your Miranda rights could affect your case. While you may be familiar with Miranda rights from television, the truth is that they're not as straightforward as it appears.

Drunk driving decreases thanks to ride-share services

New Year's Eve was a lot of fun for many people, but it also had its innate risks. Drivers still got behind the wheel while intoxicated, and that means that people still got hurt. As one of the most popular holidays for partygoers, New Year's Eve creates a hazard each year. More officers make their ways to the streets to prevent drunk driving from getting out of hand, but it's nearly impossible to stop everyone.

Woman accused of intoxication after striking pedestrian

A DUI has the potential to change your life, especially if your hurt someone when you're intoxicated. Take, for example, this case involving a woman who hit and killed a pedestrian. The pedestrian's death resulted in a criminal charge, along with charges for having her child in her vehicle at the time of the crash.

DUIs are costly in more ways than one

Getting a ticket for driving under the influence (DUI) costs you more than your dignity or a night in jail while you sober up. The fines and social penalties associated with a DUI may be severe. A person's first DUI can cost $2,000 or more, which is a hefty price tag for a single mistake.


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