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Understanding the risk of Flakka

Flakka is a drug that hit the news in 2016 because of a strange killing Florida where a man tried to eat the face of a victim. Allegedly, Flakka caused the side effects that made the 19-year-old man try to eat the victim's face, a danger others face when using the drug.

What are some kinds of drug crimes?

There are several kinds of drug crimes, and each has the potential to threaten your freedoms in different ways. For example, there are drug crime laws related to possession, those related to distribution and drug crime laws to address paraphernalia. Knowing these types of crimes will help you make sure you don't violate the law and end up facing charges.

Report shows low-risk offenders heading into prison system

News out of Virginia reports that thousands of people who are "low risk" offenders aren't being diverted from prison sentences. That could be costing taxpayers thousands. According to the news, there are thousands of people who have been convicted of property and drug crimes and are considered low-risk. These individuals are being sent to prison while others, many of whom are higher risks to the community, are avoiding prison.

You have a right to Fourth Amendment protections

The Fourth Amendment of the United States protects people from unreasonable searches by the government. This protects you in your home, on your property, in your vehicle and in your business. It protects you when you're walking alone, and it protects you during arrests and police stops.

Pseudoephedrine: What you should know about possession

In 2006, products containing ephedrine, phenylpropanolamine and pseudoephedrine were restricted on the market. The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 bans the sale of any over-the-counter cold medicines that contain pseudoephedrine. If you want to purchase this drug, it's required that you speak with a pharmacist who then has to release it from behind the counter.

You can fight drug charges like DUIDs

Drug charges impact your life significantly, and if you're caught driving while drugs are in your bloodstream and affecting your abilities, they may not be the only charges you face. If you drive while under the influence of drugs, you could face a DUI along with other drug charges for possession or transporting drugs.

What does the law consider to be drug paraphernalia?

Drug paraphernalia charges are some of the most complicated, because there are so many things that can be considered both paraphernalia and normal items. For example, you could smoke marijuana with a bong but also have one for display purposes or to smoke tobacco. You could have a small spoon for cocaine or heroin or have one to measure with for other purposes.


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