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Deliberate indifference and law enforcement

There are many stories in the news detailing misconduct by police where officers of the law overstep the bounds of their authority. Some stand accused of using excessive force to apprehend and subdue suspects. In many cases, these suspects are people of color -- although, not always. A spate of video and audio recordings depicting some of these alleged overreaches of authority have captured the public interest in recent years. This has resulted in increased scrutiny of police tactics and a focus on the individuals who often end up on the receiving end of such abuses of power.

Brandishing a weapon: A danger to yourself and others

You went into town with a fake rifle expecting to make a video with some friends. You waved it around and were acting out a scene when you noticed some people leaving the area quickly. Moments later, you saw an officer pulling up to the scene and you were asked to put down your weapon.

What constitutes assault?

When a conflict between two or more people gets heated, it is often difficult to know when the situation moves from tense or frustrating to legally actionable. In many cases, some people believe that as long as they do not physically harm someone, there are no grounds to press charges. This, however, is not always true.

Marijuana: Still illegal in Virginia

Marijuana is becoming legal all around the country, but that doesn't mean it is legal where you are. While some people may have access due to medical conditions, others have no legal right to obtain, grow or possess the drug.


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