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Student faces prison for threats against school

When you're young, it's possible to make mistakes that end up affecting your life for the foreseeable future. In many cases, young people who make errors in judgment don't realize how serious their errors are until it's too late to do anything about them. For instance, making threats against people, whether you have the ability to carry those threats out or not, could land you in hot water with the law.

Should violent offenders get the chance for parole?

When you think of a violent offender, you probably don't want to see him or her back in your neighborhood. The problem with that is that painting all offenders with one brush makes it hard for them to change (or want to change). The prison system already makes it difficult for prisoners to reenter society, and the conditions of some prisons makes people less likely to improve during their sentences.

Getting the jury to like you: Optimizing your appearance in court

Before you go in front of a jury, it's important that you're prepared. The way you look and act can make as much of an impression as the testimonies of those who want to see you prosecuted. The way you are perceived can make you look more or less truthful than you are.

Plea deal denied by judge in state struggling with drugs

When you're accused of a crime and face a trial, one of the things that may happen is that you may be offered a plea deal. Typically, a plea deal is arranged between a prosecutor and your defense attorney. If the deal is acceptable, you can take it.

An appeal can help you have a bad decision overturned

One benefit of the United States criminal justice system is that you have a right to appeal if you are convicted of a crime. An appeal petitions a higher court to overturn a lower court's decision. For instance, if you believe that the trial was unfair, you can petition the higher court to change the ruling and overturn the lower court's decision.

Aggravated sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby ends in mistrial

The judge has declared a mistrial in the case of megastar Bill Cosby, who was accused of drugging and raping an acquaintance in 2004. The jury deliberated for six days but was unable to reach a unanimous verdict as is required in felony criminal cases. The district attorney has vowed to retry the case.

Could the one-handgun-a-month law be reinstated?

If you've been accused of gun crimes, you should know that you have a right to pursue a strong defense and to make sure the court is not biased against you. One good thing that has happened in the past is showing that as gun sales have increased in the state, the actual number of violent gun crimes has dropped. Additionally, gun sales have set records in the last several years, yet the number of gun-related crimes have not peaked in the same way.


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